VPRA In Bloom

Village In Bloom 2005/2006

The 2006 planting did very well for a first attempt and we got favourable mentions in the judges reports for our hard work.

Our first flower bed was made up of home grown Marigolds, Begonia,Alyssum, Tagetes and some Salvia’s bought as plugs at Thornaby Car Boot sale. Total cost 20.00.


The early hot summer caused us a lot of problems but with the help of Peter in the Jolly Farmers we got the use of their water buts whenever we needed them . 


We even have our own VPRA miniature rose on show in the picture below.Bred by one of our committee members two years ago, it is hoped to have a supply of them in 2008 to pass around to residents.


25 th. July 2006 saw us invited to meet the Northumbria in Bloom Judges.

Once the summer bedding was dying off it was time to begin the spring bulb planting.


Our good friend Tracy from Scraggs came along for our first session of bulb planting and brought the kids along for some fresh air.


25th November 2006 saw us get the flower bed re planted with Primulas and daffodils supplied by SBC Horticultural Services.


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Watch out for our Green Thumb awards for the best gardeners in the Village area.

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