VPRA In Bloom

VPRA Green Thumb Awards 2007

During the summer of 2007 we decided to try and get residents involved with our floral efforts around the area.

The easiest way we thought would be a best garden competition and we named it Green Thumb gt34

We asked staff from Stockton Council CFYA, Tristar and members of the public to nominate what they thought were the best gardens and then took pictures of them for our picture site.

Then we asked a panel of judges made up from the world wide Rosarian`s Corner forum to vote their best gardens from the online pictures. Judges from Australia , America and England mailed their results or posted them on the Rosarians Corner site.

They were all impressed with the standard of gardens nominated and some commented they wished they could do the same in America.

After another trip round all of the houses on Sunday with leaflets to invite all of the nominated people to our presentation night on September 13th it was time to design our own certificates ready for Tracy at SGRCA to print out and laminate. Next job was a try at a Power Point presentation to use on the night. Unfortunately it was not compatible with the old system at the community centre. It is now available on Youtube.


 The awards were presented by Thornaby Town Mayor Cllr. Tina Large with trophies donated for the winners by SGRCA and South View Stores. Tristar Homes donated the lawn mower for the best overall garden prize. 35e9edf2_th

Click on the picture to view all of the prize winners.

Thank you to all who took part in the competition and on the night. Next year we aim to have an even bigger and better competition.

All of this years first place winners will be entered into SBC`s CFYA annual awards competition.

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Watch out for our Green Thumb awards for the best gardeners in the Village area.

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