VPRA In Bloom

Holmes Close Gateway Summer 2007

Following meetings with the Borough Council in early May we decided to clear a patch of rough land on the Lower Green.

This leads into Holmes Close and the intention is to make a gateway garden for the residents and visitors.

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Our small land clearing party soon had the top weed off and with the help of Jane from Tristar and her small son had it all bagged up for CFYA to recycle.


Once the top weed was cleared we found that there was a lot of small self seeded Hawthorn which we left in situ.

The local children and some of the elderly passers by were given a mixture of wild and garden seeds to scatter around the plot. They are now sprouting up all over the place along with a few of the old weeds.

The youngsters are taking a pride in the garden and even bring things to put on an “offering tree” for a bit of fun with our helper




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Watch out for our Green Thumb awards for the best gardeners in the Village area.

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