VPRA In Bloom

Thornaby Road Spring 2007

The VPRA have been actively planting around Thornaby Road and assisting SBC with their rose beds around the Airman Statue.

thornaby road6
thornaby road4
thornaby road7
thornaby road9
thornaby road10
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In March 2007 a joint venture between Stockton Borough Council and Thornaby Town Council saw one of the main roundabouts in the town at the far end of our area become a focal point.The replica Spitfire plane was erected to ensure the people of the are will remember the contribution of Thornaby and its wartime airfield played in WW2.

Planting is now taking place on a 4 sides of the roundabout.

Although not a VPRA direct project we have been involved in an advisory capacity with SBC.

thornaby road18
thornaby road34
thornaby road33
thornaby road29
thornaby road31
thornaby road28
thornaby road25
thornaby road27
thornaby road24
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Watch out for our Green Thumb awards for the best gardeners in the Village area.

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