VPRA In Bloom

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help with the planting?

Contact the VPRA either by e mail or come along to our meetings.


  1roseCan anyone help?

Yes there are no restrictions,we welcome any help we can get.


  How do I enter my garden into Care For The Area’s competition?

Check out the CFYA section on Stockton Councils web site or contact the VPRA



  Is there a limit to what I can display?

No ! as long as gardens and baskets etc. are kept safe and do not infringe on Public paths or Neighbours land.
Please Remember that gardens need to be sustainable during the the 4 seasons and at your own cost

The VPRA do not get monetary help from SBC so cannot provide cash for individual bedding displays. All of our money raised goes to the VPRA organised bedding areas.

  How can I enter the VPRA Green Thumb Award scheme.

Contact the VPRA by the usual means (e mail or phone) and we will do the rest.

You can nominate your friends and neighbours for a certificate for both the Spring and Summer seasons. There are no restrictions and the best gardens in both seasons will receive a winners award and will also be entered into Stockton B.C. CFYA best garden competition.


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Watch out for our Green Thumb awards for the best gardeners in the Village area.

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